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Software tester position


Join the SmartX Team as software tester!






As a software tester, you will have the following tasks:

  • Knowing the application under development to the smallest detail

  • Planning, execution and documentation of functional and integration tests of web-based software solutions

  • Formulate clear, verifiable acceptance criteria based on customer needs

  • Creating test plans, test cases and scenarios

  • Participation in the whole development cycle from planning until going in production


You need to have:

  • Commitment to quality, thoroughness, process orientation

  • Openness to understanding business goals, translating expectations into verifiable criteria

  • Effective collaboration with colleagues

  • Pragmatic, analytical thinking, finding solutions to problems

  • Continuous improvement and participation in tester training



  • Broad experience in testing

  • SQL knowledge

  • Keeping up to date, follow the latest testing trends and methods


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