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DevOps engineer position


Join the SmartX Team as DevOps engineer







As a DevOps engineer, you will have the following tasks:

  • Overall administration of development infrastructure

  • Support development activities

  • Taking part in infrastructure planning and sizing

  • Provide DevOps support and consultancy for our customers

  • DevOps evangelization, presentations


You need to have:

  • At least 5 years of sysadmin experience

  • Strong Linux competecies

  • Confident IT securty knowledge

  • Experience in infrastructure automation

  • Developer background - writing scripts, knowing software methodologies

  • Network config experience

  • Hungarian and/or English communication skills



  • source code management (e.g.. Git, GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket, SVN)

  • continuous integration (e.g. Jenkins, Bamboo)

  • infrastructure automation (e.g. Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Vagrant)

  • deployment (pl. Jenkins, Octopus Deploy)

  • container based solutions and their management (e.g. Docker, LXD, Kubernetes, Swarm)

  • cloud (e.g. AWS, Azure)

  • monitoring (e.g. Nagios, splunk, Icinga)

  • testing (e.g. Selenium, JUnit, JMeter, SoapUI)


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